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By Debra Fileta

Change Your Life, One Habit at a Time

You may feel like old habits die hard—but when your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are in-sync, lasting change becomes attainable. Licensed counselor and faith-forward author Debra Fileta is here to help you break free, trading unhealthy cyclical behaviors for life-giving new patterns.

In this book, Debra walks with you through 31 powerful and sustainable practices. Each exercise is grounded in psychology, rooted in God’s Word, and designed to transform your behavior with changes that last. 
Reset will help you

  • recognize the “why” behind your emotions and actions, allowing you to identify where you need healing
  • rewire your brain’s default settings as you make simple adjustments to your mindset and habits
  • reflect on your personal growth goals and begin taking small steps towards achieving them

No matter how many times you’ve failed before, God’s power and a renewed perspective can help you make this time different. So get ready to 
Reset and begin this journey of thriving from the inside out!