The Last Supper on the Moon

The Last Supper on the Moon

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The Last Supper on the Moon: NASA's 1969 Lunar Voyage, Jesus Christ's Bloody Death, and the Fantastic Quest to Conquer Inner Space

If there are places in your heart and corners of your mind that feel just as deep and dark and inaccessible as outer space, this book is for you. Fight as you may, unearthing the happiness and fulfillment you long for can feel nearly impossible.  

In Psalm 8 David urges us to consider the heavens, to look up at the night sky. Doing so will help you discover fundamental truths about God. Namely, that—even though his love for you is as beyond comprehension as the farthest corners of the universe—through his Son, you can grab hold of it, and it has the power to transform your inner space.

Bestselling author Levi Lusko shares how you can:

  • learn that life is not about “finding yourself” but discovering who Jesus is
  • believe that God’s love and forgiveness is grander than even your greatest failure 
  • buck the mundane of everyday life and start dreaming again
Embark on an adventure tracing the words and wonders of Jesus on his trek to the cross. Let The Last Supper on the Moon compel you to live with a more profound sense of purpose and a grander view of Jesus, and set you on a trajectory to life, and life more abundantly.